Vintage Eyes of the World Sunglasses


These were licensed by the Grateful Dead in the 90’s.

This is the Dark Star model, complete with mirrored lenses.

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With solid metal frame and glass lenses, these are a not a “cheap” pair of sunglasses.

So, no, you’re not gonna be mistaken for a ZZ Top fan wearing these.


Very rare, and super cool. I found a stash I bought 25 years ago.



This outfit was ahead of it’s time. All the packaging was made to be reused in cool ways.

Comes as seen with a colorful reusable box, suitable to cut up and use as decorations.

And you can keep it all safe in the hard leatherette velvet lined case.

Note the embossed Steal Your Face emblem, unique to this model.

Heads will see you coming 2 aisles away on Shakedown.

Includes “micro fiber” cleaning cloth to save those scratches from using your dirty shirt.


When these are gone, I will NOT have anymore.